Combating the Cold Winter Months.

With cooler weather conditions comes the responsibility of taking care of one’s skin and it’s an excellent chance to spoil yourself with an all-natural goat’s milk soap! Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have plenty of goat’s milk/Lanolin cream to help keep your skin soft and supple.  This can be even more essential if the Farmers Almanac is correct and we have a bitterly cold winter.  Here’s our list of 5 to-dos to combat winter’s harshness.

1.   Use an all-natural Goat’s Milk Soap – The main reward observed when utilizing this soap is it doesn’t dry out your skin. Even in the cold winter months the itchiness that was there before is gone. Goat’s milk is a natural emollient which makes the soap creamy and moisturizing.

2.   Use a pure Goat’s Milk Soap/Lanolin based lotion – For the best result use after showering.  Don’t forget your toes.  Your skin will thank you.

3.  Provide Your Hands a Helping Hand – The skin on your hands is thinner compared to most areas of the body and has a lesser number of sebaceous glands. Which means it’s tougher to maintain your hands moisture. particularly in freezing, dry weather conditions. This may lead to irritation and cracking. Put on gloves when you are outdoors; if you want to wear wool gloves to help keep your hands comfy, slip on a cotton glove first, to protect yourself from any discomfort the wool may cause.

4.   Steer clear of Moist Gloves and Socks – Moist gloves and socks can bother your skin and trigger itchiness, cracking, damage, or possibly a flare-up of eczema.

5.   Use an air humidifier – A central heating system  (in addition to space heaters) send hot dry air all through our office and homes. Humidifiers produce far more moisture in the air, which will help stop your skin from becoming dry. Position several smaller humidifiers all through your home; they will help distribute the humidity much more uniformly.

Get out and enjoy the crazy cold winter weather!  Brrrrrrrr!

Beauty Sleep and a Goat’s Milk Soap and Lanolin Skin Cream, Just What The Doctor Ordered.

Natural beauty sleep is the ideal secret to you and your skin to appear wonderful. Easier in theory, right? Thankfully, incorporating an effective pre-bedtime skin care program can produce a big difference. Even in case you miss the whole 7-8 hours of sleep suggested per night.

So before you decide to call it a night, use a generous amount of a Goat’s Milk Moisturizer. It truly is a calming lullaby for your skin. Please don’t giggle, it might mean the real difference between waking up to a dry skin nightmare or delicate, smooth skin you’ve always dreamt of. What we have found to work best is Wooly Dauber Skin Cream.  With the help of Goat’s Milk and Lanolin, this really is one soothing skin care therapy that gently exfoliates and deeply hydrates to help you return rough, dried-out skin to it’s wholesome, natural state. All while you slumber!

It’s All About Your Feet!

Don’t forget your feet!  Goat’s milk lanolin soap and a good lanolin based skin cream can do wonders to improve the ravages of time and the environment.

Dry  callused feet are the consequence of numerous factors for instance getting older, climate, harsh soaps, and exercise. If it’s not correctly handled, your skin may become cracked and permit germs to penetrate your skin which may lead to infections. This can cause serious problems in individuals that have poor circulation or diabetes,

Dry feet may be managed by not subjecting feet to hot water for prolonged durations, by using a gentle goat’s milk lanolin based soap., fully drying feet immediately after bathing/showering, and moisturising right after taking a bathing/shower by using a product which contains genuine lanolin in it to help your feet heal and recover. This is the ultimate healing therapy for challenging feet.

Two products that fit the bill are the “Shepherd Wool Soap“. These bars are made with lots of pure wool lanolin found in a fresh goat’s milk base.  The “Fresh Linen” is my favorite fragrance, although the “Natural – No Scent” would be incredible for those of you who have extremely sensitive skin.  Don’t let the name fool you, the “Wooly Dauber Skin Cream” is a lanolin rich skin cream that can do wonders in aiding the skin to heal.

Why Goat’s Milk Soap?

Why should you consider Goat’s Milk Soap?

You may be questioning, “why goat’s milk? Actually, why would I purchase a soap from a small producer anyway? Is not my commercially made bar of cleansing soap adequate? Effectively allow me to share the four major reasons you need to keep in mind.

First, that bar of soap from your grocery store appears so pure and clean. However, most big-brand soaps consist of nasty chemicals that may aggravate your skin, alcohol that dries out your skin, and often petroleum products and solutions, which can be just troubling. Hand crafted soap is produced with all-natural, mild ingredients which do not leave the skin scratchy, dried out or inflammed.

Second, Hand crafted Goat’s Milk Soap includes glycerin. All soap is produced by incorporating a fat with an alkali. Throughout the saponification process, fat becomes soap and glycerin. In industrial soap, the glycerin is taken away with the addition of sodium chloride to produce the soap and glycerin independently. The glycerin will then be utilized in other, far more lucrative items, which includes cosmetics, drugs, making inks and the creation of volatile nitroglycerin. However in hand crafted soap, the glycerin stays while in the soap, supplying deeply moisturising rewards.

Third, All milk consists of all-natural emollients, nutritional vitamins and triglycerides that hydrate your skin. Goat’s milk has the respected extremely powerful moisturiser capric-capryllic triglyceride. Individuals who favor goat milk soap maintain that it’s an excellent deal, less drying and unpleasant than common soaps. When you have delicate skin or eczema goat milk soap can be a blessing.

Fourth, the very best goat milk soaps are produced from fresh, not powder, goat milk. One particular goat’s milk soap producer “the Old Basque Sheepherder” makes there soap from the finest goat’s milk. And in addition they utilize the very best ingredients in making their wonderful goat’s milk soap.

Ingredients Your Grandma Would be Proud of.

Grandma Knows Best!

The Old Basque Sheepherder Soap Company  produces a Shepherd Wool Soap which contains some of the finest ingredients available to improve the condition of your skin . This soap is genuinely exceptional for the moisturizing and restorative healing of dry skin. Let’s take a deeper look at a few of these ingredients.

Coconut Oil – When put on bacterial infections, it forms a chemical coating which safeguards the afflicted part of the body from outside airborne dirt and dust, air, fungus, germs and virus. Coconut oil is most beneficial on bruises as it shortens the process of healing by restoring harmed tissues.

Coconut oil is extremely successful versus a number of infections because of its anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-bacterial qualities. In accordance with the Coconut Research Center, coconut oil destroys infections that can cause flu, measles, hepatitis, herpes simplex virus, SARS, and many others. In addition, it will kill germs that can cause ulcers, throat irritations as a result of an infection, pneumonia, bladder infections and gonorrhea, in addition to many other ailments. Coconut oil is additionally powerful on fungus and yeast that can cause candida albicans, ringworm, athlete’s foot, thrush, diaper rash, etc.

Palm Oil -The moisture content in palm oil is quite therapeutic for skin and hair. This oil consists of  saturated fats and lipids that nourish the hair shaft, reducing dryness. Palm oil can be an extremely affective hair-conditioning therapy. The moisture beads in palm oil will enhance the consistency andquality of hair by keeping your locks delicate and manageable.

Palm oil can even add moisturizer to ones skin. The skin soaks up everything you apply to it, and palm oil can be an organic replacement for a chemical-based moisturizer. The oil is light-weight and won’t block skin pores.

Palm oil consists of all-natural anti-bacterial agents that battle acne bacteria preventing breakouts. Utilizing palm oil on the skin will help preserve hydration, yet still help with clearing skin of the dreaded acne. This is a game changer for ones self-esteem and confidence.  Dryness can in fact result in the skin becoming inflamed and sensitive, which can result in acne. Palm oil is helpful if you have a cut or abrasion on your skin, for the reason that oil will eliminate germs. This anti-bacterial oil can also be great for your scalp given it can protect against dry scalp which can lead to scalp acne.

Palm oil is abundant with essential vitamins and minerals. These vitamins are crucial for healthy and balanced hair and skin. Vitamins A and E are free radical eliminators. Free radicals are unpaired elements within your body that induce the break down of your tissue. These vitamins combat free radicals, assisting in the protection and preservation of  your cells, contributing to healthier hair and skin.

Safflower Oil, In natural skin care products, is utilized as a lubricant with occlusive characteristics, which means that it works as a defensive barrier to keep water from leaving your skin. It truly does work with your skin to smooth roughness, soften dryness and soothe some skin challenges. You can definitely find it in products offered by the Old Basque Sheepherder in their soaps and Wooly Dauber Skin Cream.

In strictly clinical terms, safflower oil is called Carthamus tinctorius seed oil which is created by pressing the blooming plant’s seeds, Safflower oil includes linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that supplies a number of rewards for skin. This acid is actually a major reason why safflower oil functions so effectively in skin care products. Linoleic acid provides effective dirt and oil eliminating abilities, and in addition it supplies a softening effect in conditioners Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin.

Goat’s Milk has been utilized for thousands of years as a organic cleanser. It is amongst the best agents and contains superb emollient qualities and possesses vitamin A, and many B vitamins such as B12, B6,.riboflavin and niacin,

Alpha-hydroxy acids found in goat’s milk are thought to possess rejuvenating benefits on skin cells as well as the rich butter fat softens and hydrates. Alpha-hydroxy acids enter the top layers of your skin called the epidermis and the upper dermis, to accomplish exfoliation (abrading of old skin tissue). Exfoliation energizes the skin and healthy tissue is regenerated. The result in essence is “anti-aging.” Your skin is softer and smoother having a all round reduction of fine wrinkles and skin aging. The hydroxy acids may also be employed to enhance scaling, pre-cancerous growths (actinic keratoses) on sun-damaged skin. Additionally, there is significant advantage with acne. The dead skin cells are exfoliated, opening up the skin pores. Alpha hydroxy acids have already been utilized for centuries as a skin rejuvenating product.

Goat milk essentially ‘feeds’ your skin and seeps through the cellular walls providing calcium similar to patches placed on the skin. The PH of goat milk is nearer to the skin’s own normal PH which decreases which decreases which decreases which decreases which decreases surface tension of the skin, letting it to take in the hydrating effects of goat’s milk and also the glycerin that is an organic by-product of soap making. In hair care, goat’s milk restores the moisture in each and every hair by penetrating the shaft. It feeds the scalp which gives the scalp back lost life, luster and body.

Lanoline is one of the finest compounds for use on fragile, dry or chapped skin. It is frequently a important ingredient in creams, chapsticks, shaving lotions, and skin moisturizers. It is typically utilized clinically to calm rashes, minor burns and cuts. In these instances, it is very pure; less-refined lanolin can trigger allergic side effects in some individuals. Lanolin is a extremely heavy moisturizer. It has been employed for numerous years as a hair and scalp ponade, conditioner, and dry hair therapy.

Check out our Shepherd Wool Soap. Made with Goat’s Milk and plenty of pure Lanolin. Offered in 5 flavors (Fresh Linen, Fresh Bamboo, Counting Sheep, Spellbound Woods, and for the purest Natural No Scent. This line of soap contains no exfoliates, leaving it just pure joy for your skin.

Why Use All-Natural Soap?

Among the list of blunders which a person can make in the caring for their health and fitness is the ignoring of their skin condition. The Skin plays a primary role in the protection from the assaults of disease and  other hazardous influences in our daily environments. But we often ignore its effect on our well-being. Additionally we are inclined to damage our skin with soaps and other detergents that are sold as “natural” and “wholesome”.

We are referring to mass produced commercial soap. Most soap we purchase are loaded with damaging artificial ingredients and is certainly not beneficial or good for the skin. These soaps commonly include chemicals and ingredients that damage the skin. Where as, organic, natural, handmade soaps are a different story. This type of soap has only natural oils and ingredients which minimize unwanted skin reactions. Moreover, after use, many people report  they are much nicer to use in comparison to commercially sold beauty soaps.

Here are some of the benefits of natural soap:

  • Natural soaps are commonly made of goats milk, coconut oil, olive oil,  palm oil or a combination of these and other natural ingredients.  They are absolutely natural and skin-friendly.  They can also have a beneficial impact on skin aliments on acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders.
  • Using natural soap will minimize the experience any dry skin you can get after using ordinary beauty soap.
  • Natural soap are normally produced in small batches, This helps with keeping its freshness..
  • Organic soap contains glycerin which is a fantastic moisturizing effect on skin. . This is removed from most store bought soap.
  • Jojoba essential oil is yet another regular ingredient in all-natural soap. It has been found to be responsible for the maintenance of skin skin tone balance.
  • Handmade soap should only include all-natural fragrances. These fragrances make an extremely effective aromatherapy tool. The calming effect it generates is actually quite nice. Additionally, the essential oils are an excellent antibacterial.
  • Handmade soaps are friendly to the environment.

This list should only strengthen your resolve to make the switch to all natural soaps.

Some Fun Uses for Goats Milk Soaps

Consumers of Goat’s Milk Soap have discovered lots of fun ways to use GMS soap.  I have used our goats milk soap in every one of the ways listed below.

1. Needless to say, it works amazing with hands, faces, and even toes.

2. Try applying goat’s milk soap on your hair (you’ll love the shine).

3. Put it to use as a shaving soap, In fact we offer a Goats Milk Soap Shaving Soap. It truly does perform much better than commercial shaving creams and it is a huge cost saving. You’ll get a better shave, with less nicks and shaving burn.

4. It is great for eliminating unsightly stains like lip stick from clothing. Just dampen the soap, apply it to the spot and toss in the wash.

5. It is fantastic for relief from the itch of poison oak, poison ivy and insect bites. Dampen the soap and apply to the itchy areas of your body, Do not wash it off. It’ll relive the itch, just re-apply in the event the itching begins again.

6. It’s completely safe for use on pets.

We would love to hear of any of your uses.  If we like them we’ll include them to the list for others to try.

Eczema Suffers Find Comfort Using Goats Milk Soap.

Goats milk soap may be an import tool in the short term and long term treatment of eczema. Let’s review what eczema is and how goats milk can help with its treatment.

The debilitating skin issue known as eczema impacts huge numbers of people these days. Eczema isn’t a distinct disease, but instead is clinically determined by its signs and symptoms. It’s a small grouping of conditions that cause the skin to become irritated or inflamed.

The most prevalent of these ailments is atopic eczema. This aliment  generally carries a genetic factor and it is generally seen in individuals today who have other allergy associated conditions for example seasonal hay fever, asthma, or pet allergy symptoms. Newborns can exhibit eczema early in life. These symptoms will often vanish on their owen and can return later in life for these individuals.

An Indicator of eczema is simple itchiness. The itchiness starts in advance of any noticeable redness or swelling. This is often more prevalent when the condition manifests on the knees, feet or hands, even though, eczema may appear anywhere on the body.

The symptoms, at the affected regions, will appear as swollen, dry, ashy, and scaly patches on the skin. The actual trigger of eczema is unidentified, but many healthcare professionals believe that it is related to an overactive reaction of the body’s immune system.

A diagnoses of eczema can be made by a specialist with the knowledge that eczema sufferers normally have allergies. These allergy triggers can be isolated by using a simple skin test.

Short term treatment for eczema concentrates on relieving the itching helping the patient  not scratch the afflicted area. This scratching may lead to infection or other issues.

Many sufferers have found both short term and long term benefits in using Goats Milk Soap in treating eczema. In the short term, goats milk soap can ease the itching and moisturize the damaged skin. In the long term, using goats milk soap as a preventative treatment will help the skin fight the allergens that are found in our surrounding environment. and help hydrate the skin with its natural moisturizers.

Research has shown that some of the major benefits of goats milk soap are as follows:

Targeted pH Level – Goat’s milk soap contains a pH level comparable to human skin; consequently, goat’s milk soap benefits the skin by defending skin from the day-to-day bacterial and chemical attack.

Skin Hydration and Moisturizing – The moisturizing advantages of goat’s milk soap exceed those of commercial soap as a result of all natural creams in goat’s milk.

Desensitizing Skin – Hand crafted goat’s milk soap benefits individuals with sensitive skin since it does not include ingredients like petroleum, alcohol and preservatives. This minimizes the chance of skin irritation and allergic responses.

Dead Skin Exfoliation – Goat’s milk soap removes dead skin build up with the aid of alpha-hydroxy acids found within the milk.

All of these benefits can help with the treatment of eczema.

Not merely is natural goats milk soap preferable over commercial soaps for susceptible skin, but in addition, it has natural enzymes, moisturizers and nutrients that can help minimize outbreaks.

Keep in mind, goats milk soap should be considered a premium and you should expect to pay for this quality.  When picking out a goats milk soap as an eczema remedy, it is extremely important to be selective. Your main concern in your search for an all natural homemade goats milk soap, is that it should only contain pure ingredients. A desirable goats milk soap will include only saponified milk and oils.

Now I would be negligent if I did not recommend that you speak to your health care provider before using a natural goats milk soap on your condition . We have seen some real benefits to using goats milk soap as a tool in easing the ravages of eczema. However, every individuals condition is different. and no one can offer a guarantee that goats milk soap will cure eczema. Although when selecting for a soap producer, make sure they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee thus minimizing any financial hardship.

We are always interested in receiving your stories describing your experiences.


Is Goats Milk Soap the Fountain of Youth?

Natural goats milk soap assists the body in regenerating skin by shedding old skin cells leaving revitalized cells behind. The latest research indicates that goat’s milk assists in the renewal of collagen beneath the skin, eliminating many of the observable signs of aging. After use, the face can have a natural and youthful glow , restoring the ravages of time and the hash chemicals and detergents found in today’s hand soaps.

Homemade soap professionals concur that goats milk is the factor that makes all the difference between  handmade goats milk soap and today’s harsh chemical-based hand soaps!

Stop wasting your time, money and energy using commercial soap containing these harsh ingredients. Instead, try a natural homemade “Fountain of Youth” using the most natural goats milk soap. We suggest finding a supplier of natural Goats Milk Soap and ordering some today.

Goats Milk Soap Treating Acne!

Goats milk soaps is a powerful natural acne remedy, that is cleansing, nourishing and beneficial for the skin.

So many people are worried that hydrating soap will leave skin greasy and worsen acne break outs, although absolutely nothing could be further from reality.

Increased oil creation is the our bodies common protective response to the harsh soaps and detergents generally used today. This is definitely not an issue with goats milk soap. It’s very gentle and mild.

Goats milk soap is non-irritating, naturally hydrating and calming for the skin. This all-natural soap includes: anti-bacterial, deodorizing, calming, soothing, hydrating, cleansing and stimulating attributes.

This home made natural soap consists of none of the harmful chemicals and detergents present in modern, commercial, soap! It’s therapeutic for dry, itchy, oily, and sensitive skin which may minimizes the number of debilitating acne break outs.

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