Some Fun Uses for Goats Milk Soaps

Consumers of Goat’s Milk Soap have discovered lots of fun ways to use GMS soap.  I have used our goats milk soap in every one of the ways listed below.

1. Needless to say, it works amazing with hands, faces, and even toes.

2. Try applying goat’s milk soap on your hair (you’ll love the shine).

3. Put it to use as a shaving soap, In fact we offer a Goats Milk Soap Shaving Soap. It truly does perform much better than commercial shaving creams and it is a huge cost saving. You’ll get a better shave, with less nicks and shaving burn.

4. It is great for eliminating unsightly stains like lip stick from clothing. Just dampen the soap, apply it to the spot and toss in the wash.

5. It is fantastic for relief from the itch of poison oak, poison ivy and insect bites. Dampen the soap and apply to the itchy areas of your body, Do not wash it off. It’ll relive the itch, just re-apply in the event the itching begins again.

6. It’s completely safe for use on pets.

We would love to hear of any of your uses.  If we like them we’ll include them to the list for others to try.

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